Getting to Know the Wedding Dress Traditions from Various Cultures

Wedding Dress Tradition

White wedding dresses over time happen to have a certain standard or norm; it is either a big princess dress or an elegant mermaid dress, or something close to either of these. Anything outside these are seen to be outside the norm, and not your typical wedding dress tradition.

So technically, the standard for a wedding dress (as is noticed in many parts of the world today), is a beautiful and flamboyant-looking white wedding dress.

Colors vs. White Wedding Dress Tradition

Wedding Dress Tradition

Some colors are a sweet option for a wedding dress, but rather than slipping on your favorite pink or orange blossom, when we talk about “your wedding”, we are stuck-on-white, yours truly! Its just got to be the white wedding dress, and the tiara to go with it, one major opportunity, and every girls’ dream to become a princess, this one time. It’s that special day when nothing else will do.

Funny enough the white wedding dress tradition has been imbibed by people across the globe who initially did not have this as part of their culture.

The History Behind the White Wedding Dress Tradition

The tradition of the white wedding dress started with Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, where she chose to wear a white lacy wedding dress. The color white symbolized purity (depicting an untouched and innocent bride).

Brides before then wore other colors of wedding gowns (red to be precise). However, in the 16th century, Queen Mary of Scots decided to wear a white wedding dress, and that can be said to be the first white wedding, even though Queen Victoria is widely and officially known as the first person who initiated the tradition of white wedding dress.

From then until now, brides have towed this path as not just a tradition, but also a highly sought after trend, whose style may vary by different customs.

A Tip in Choosing a White Wedding Dress

In planning a wedding, some of the first items on your checklist would most likely be the bride’s wedding gown, the wedding cake, the bride and groom rings, the tiara and veil, the wedding bouquet, shoes, and so on. All these usually constitute the white wedding tradition.

Picking the wedding dress is an entire project because it has to be ‘perfect’. It could be an exotic white silk dress, a flamboyant white lace and chiffon dress, or an elegant satin white wedding dress.

Choose a style and fabric that flatters your figure and body type. While satin mermaid dresses look fantastic and actually look mermaid-like, it may not have the same fitting on a different shaped person, whose figure may be flattered better with a big princess dress.

Wedding Dress Tradition Superstitions

Have you ever wondered why brides wore white, veils and rings, or why they had bridesmaids, bouquets, and all of those things? This is a tradition that has spanned through centuries, and has a connotation to each feature that is so keenly paid attention to in preparing for a white wedding; most of which were based on superstitious beliefs, and over time just became a norm.

Let’s find out what is behind those features on your checklist:

-        The concept of bridesmaids — Bridesmaids are meant to dress in similar outfits as the bride and surround her to confuse evil spirits and woe-wishers.

-        The bouquet — The bride’s bouquet comprised of different spices was believed to ward off evil spirits.

-        The veil — Brides wore veils because some families had to hide their bride’s identity until the wedding to prevent refusal.

-        The ring — Rings were worn on the bride to symbolize ownership.

-        The honeymoon — This was a route of escape for the couple to prevent woe-wishers and evil spirits from knowing their whereabouts.

These are just to mention a couple of them. Each of the white-wedding features, as many as they are, have their own connotations, but these days are just observed as mere protocol.

However you decide to jazz it up, and in whatever variations it may come, the white wedding dress tradition is the classic that every bride-to-be dreams of having for her wedding.