Some Exclusive Bridal Shower Cakes that Are Worth Choosing

Bridal Shower Cakes

As the impending date for your big day draws closer, things will often start to become increasingly stressful. Have the caterers been paid? Did the florists receive the order? Are you marrying the right person? Just kidding. But the truth is, you will have A LOT to do, and your mind will be racing with all kinds of planning questions. We wanted to try to make at least one part a little easier. So, here is a list of bridal shower cake ideas.

Amidst all the stress and wedding planning, your bridal shower can offer you a bit of much-needed “me time”, and you should indulge! After you and your maid of honor finish planning out all the more boring (and much less edible details), it’s time to think about the dessert — your bridal shower cake! Here is a list of various shower cake ideas.


Flowers are a beautiful and natural way to decorate for every occasion. But what many people do not know, is that each and every flower holds a different meaning. For example, pink and red roses symbolize love, white roses symbolize worthiness, and lilies symbolize devotion and humility. So how about doing a bit of research and incorporating a bit of symbolism into your bridal shower? Here are a few of our favorites!


Some of the most common meanings of lavender are devotion, grace, and purity. How about a vanilla cake slathered in buttercream icing and adorned with bits of lavender? Let’s face it. It’s simple and beautiful. Several colors look as lovely together as creamy white and lavender mauve.

Garden Roses

These are rather large flowers and come in a variety of colors, making them a popular decorative choice when it comes to bridal shower cakes. Perhaps, purple stands for “enchantment”? We do recommend that you stay away from yellow though. Yellow roses symbolize infidelity. Not the best message to be boasting at your bridal shower!

Fresh and Fruity

If you’re having a summer wedding, or if you just like sweet and tangy flavors, incorporating fruit into your cake design can add for a lovely pop of color and flavor.


Grating some lemon zest into your frosting for a lemon cake adds a lovely zing to your dessert. You can then spiralize some lemon peel to decorate the cake!


Who doesn’t like berries? How about a cake with cream and strawberry? Or blueberry and orange?


Yes, pumpkins are in fact considered fruits. So, for an autumnal vibe, how about going for a pumpkin spice cake. Add a dabble of cinnamon in the buttercream frosting for that extra bit of flavor, and use fall leaves to decorate the table and give the party a nice and earthy, rustic feel.


As well as being a nut and a seed, coconuts are also FRUIT. For a bit of an exotic flavor try a chocolate coconut cake. For a more seasonal take on this cake, try making snowballs by rolling homemade chocolate truffles in coconut shavings and piling them on top!

The Three C’s – Chocolate, Caramel, and Cheese

Chocolate Lover’s Delight

Who says you have to stick to vanilla icing? Or a vanilla cake?  People have enough of that with wedding cakes. So, for all you chocolate lovers out there, we suggest a Devil’s Food cake, with rich chocolate icing. If you’re feeling extra naughty, maybe even chocolate shavings or sprinkles on top.

Salted Caramel Crunch

There’s a reason why salted caramel has become increasingly popular over the years. The perfect balance of sweet and salty is nothing short of addictive — even science says so. A great way to round off this rich and decadent dessert is by decorating it with salted pretzels. The added savouriness and crunchy texture are to die for.


The great thing about cheesecake is that it's so incredibly versatile, and no matter what way you choose to have it, it's incredibly delicious. New York vanilla cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake, Strawberry cheesecake…the list goes on and on.

Other Decorative Ideas

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Big cakes can be a pain to make, transport, and serve. Bridal shower cupcakes save you the hassle and the mess! You can lay them out in different ways such as the date, a person’s name, a heart, or a flower.  The best part is, you don’t get half eaten slices of cake left everywhere!

Say Goodbye to the Frosting

For those of you who are a little trendier, perhaps a naked frosting cake would suit your fancy? Cutting out the icing probably saves you a lot of calories too! Hand-painted: For those of you who are more artistically inclined, hand-painted cakes can be a wonderful way to add some color and character to your party.


Cake designs don’t have to be intricately detailed to be beautiful. If you’re looking to take a more minimalistic approach to your theme and decorations, opt for an elegant plain white fondant cake, manipulated into simple folds.

Cake Toppers

A cute cake topper is a simple and easy way to add some character to your bridal shower cake. They come in pretty much any shape and form you want. Maybe order one with your name on it, or perhaps a funny inside joke that you share with your friends.  


So, you like bright colors and love being in the spotlight. How about a little (or a lot) of gold glitter for a glamorous bridal cake? Your guests will be dazzled the second they walk in the room. Obviously, you want to be sure to get the edible stuff!

Classy and a Little Bit Sassy

Dark red velvet cupcakes topped with shimmery buttercream frosting and served in champagne glasses instead of cupcake holders. They might just look too good to eat!

Cake Pop Bouquets

Save the hassle of needing to use a ton of disposable plates and cutlery by having cake pops! They’re essentially little balls of cake on a stick that are dipped in molten chocolate and left to cool. You can then tie groups of them together in the form of bouquets and have them laid out on the table.

Alternative Sweets and Treats


Let’s face it, not everyone likes cake. Perhaps you’d like to consider one of these tasty treats instead?

Macaron Tower

Macaron towers are an increasingly popular choice of dessert for a number of events. They’re French, they’re trendy, they’re colorful, and did we mention they’re delicious? What more could you want from a bridal shower cake?

Cookie Cake

Freshly baked and decorated with icing to order. You can even layer them the same way you do with sponge cakes. Yum.

Bridal Brownie Bites

Bridal Shower Cakes

Being honest, sponge cake can get a little boring sometimes, and not everyone likes the texture. So, how about something a bit more decadent? Gooey, chewy chocolate brownies. They’re actually much easier to cut into different shapes because of their consistency. So if you’re looking to get crafty, grab some cookie cutters and make some chocolate covered brownie shapes. Perhaps hearts and dresses suit the occasion?

Candy Cake

It's basically an inside-out piñata. Order an assortment of your favorite candies to be presented in the shape of a cake!  

Who Said Bridal Shower Cakes Have to Be Sweet?!

The fact of the matter is, not everyone has a sweet tooth, and your bridal shower is the time when you can (and should) have your cake and eat it too. So, what you choose should reflect your taste. Here are some less conventional ideas for those of us who are more inclined towards the savory side of the spectrum.

Pizza Cake

A pizza lover’s dream – layers upon layers of pizza dough, tomato sauce, cheese, and their favorite toppings.

Burger Cake

For some people, it’s hard to think of anything better than a giant cheeseburger. You should probably make sure that no vegetarian or vegans are on the guest list if you’re opting for this one though!

Chicken Nugget Tower

Picture it. A tower of crispy, golden chicken nuggets surrounded by little bowls of various dipping sauces – classic ketchup, barbecue, sweet ‘n sour, nacho cheese… is it just me or are you also getting hungry? A wise man once said to always start with dessert, because you never know what might happen between your first course and your last. We agree with this sentiment, and so we have created a comprehensive list of bridal shower cake ideas to help any and every bride plan the tastiest bridal shower. Whatever your preferences may be, we are certain that you will be able to find the perfect bridal shower cake for your party!