Bridal Shower Centerpieces

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Your bridal shower centerpieces should immediately showcase your theme. They are commonly the center of attraction for the event. There are floral arrangements and other effects that pop up the shower color theme. We have provided in this article ten cute and creative ideas to inspire and guide your decision.

It is not always easy to plan for a bridal shower. That is why having great centerpiece idea beforehand comes handy. The most commonly used bridal shower centerpiece idea involves a floral arrangement. It can be stumpy or tall, basic or cute, go with whatever suits your personality and your theme.

Bridal shower centerpiece is a great and easy way to spice up your occasion. You can go with any flower bloom of choice. The amount and the quantity you use depends on your personal preference and the theme of your bridal shower.
Naturally, you’d stick them into mason jars, and that’s just it. However, if you are looking to get more creative, you can create or purchase a few nice looking vases to make your centerpiece look a bit smarter.

Now, let’s quickly run through some great ideas that will spruce up your bridal shower theme!

10 Exclusive Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

1. A Contemporary Looking Bridal Shower Centerpieces with Vase Flower Bouquet

You can create unique flower vases or buy some cute ones from the shop. A few things you can do is use spray-painted vases and add a bit sparkle with sequins, pearl beads, or slice citrus fruits and put them into the jar to blow up the theme. You can also cover them with twine especially if you are planning a rustic bridal shower.

You can arrange the flowers carefully in different size of vases. This is an excellent way to add a stylish and contemporary look on your bridal shower decor. To get a great and sophisticated look, you can use fresh, sparkling and colorful flowers. Use different heights of flowers to improve the dimension of your centerpieces.

• Mason Jars Paint-Sprayed with Twine and Plain Flowers

• Mason Jars Covered with Burlap and Placed on a Segment of Woods

• Jars of Rose Blooms
Pale pink blooms are the popular choice for bridal showers. The flowers arranged can combine both stumpy and long flower arrangements. However, all the blooms are made up of pink roses and roses with patches of pink.

• Jars with Citrus Slices Inside Make

• Fruit and Flower in a Vase Bridal Shower Centerpiece
You can integrate other effects into your shower centerpieces. It doesn’t have to be only flower blooms. The following intense orange colored floral arrangements below are sweet ideas. They look even more attractive with the addition of kumquats into every centerpiece.
• Bright Colors and Stripes
You can use lush peonies and brilliantly colored anemones to create a grand centerpiece statement. The brilliant color gives more pop of color with the tablecloth stripped black and white.

2. Bridal Shower Centerpieces in Attractive Containers

With these cool and attractive looking vases and jars, you can say goodbye to the standard flower vases and mason jars. You can use traditional teapots, watering cans, whole pineapples, tinted pots, decorated tin cans, spray paint urns or ice cream cones. You can try them with flowers of choice and view how attractive they look. You can try different ideas based on your bridal shower style or theme.

3. Go Classic with Floating Candles and Flowers

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Submerge some flower blooms in tall cylinder vases can give you a standard look of a bridal shower. Add a floating candle on top to provide a soft illuminative effect and make the setup more attractive. For this type, you can try orchids and cymbidiums. They feature multiple vibrant colors.

4. Add Sparkle to Your Outdoor Setting with Hanging Light Flowered Bridal Shower Centerpieces

This hanging light flowered bridal shower centerpiece is very suitable for an outdoor setting. It is a unique decoration idea for your event tables. You can get a magical and charming look by putting candles in mason jars. And if you want to add a bit of touch, and wow your guests, consider adding décor on the hanging rod or bar. You can make it more attractive with a bunch of flowers.

5. Celebrate Your Love with Casual Romantic Bouquet

To get a romantic look and feel with your bridal shower centerpieces, organize flower blooms loosely in ordinary glass jars. For this setup, go with standard roses blooms or light pink and white blooms to boost the romantic air. Show off the blossoms in glass jars adorned with theme-matching colored ribbons or papers.

6. Create Charming Flowered Umbrella Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Small umbrellas can be used to create an alluring bridal shower centerpiece idea. They can incorporate a slightly classic element into your bridal shower theme. Umbrellas ideas for wedding centerpieces are great for spring events. They can serve as a small canopy over your blooms. You can use them to create a spectacular look and feel.

7. Get a Magical Bridal Shower Centerpiece with Upside-down Glasses

Get some wine glasses from backyard sales and economy stores and turn these into great bridal shower centerpiece. Place a rose bloom below it and place a candle on top for an attractive contemporary presentation. I immediately fell in love with this setup. No doubt, this will thrill your guests!

8. Try Groom and Bride Personalized Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Bride and groom personally customized centerpieces come as great ideas. There are several ways you can get this done. These are a few ideas you can try. Fix pictures of the bride and groom happily married on glass vases. Alternatively, you can cut up the initials of their names in candles or candle holders used for the centerpiece. It can serve as a great tribute for the prospective couple and signify a wish of a happy marital union.

9. Get Creative with Colorful Paper Flowers

Instead of a standard flower arrangement, you can create an assortment of flower designs with colored papers. This way you can construct attractive and bold, multicolored paper flowers and stick them into a flower vase. Another great idea is to organize them into a bunch and show off using a square-shaped serving plate. Integrate a few additional effects that match your shower theme to create a unique bridal shower centerpiece.

10. Light up and Exude Grace with Candlelight

There are multiple ways you can create an attractive bridal shower centerpiece using candles. To get a magical feel and exude grace, line up long tables with a burlap runner. Arrange candles in a spiral form to give a rustic bridal showers theme. Scatter crystals of pearls close to add more sparkle and make it more attractive.

Planning a bridal shower can be somewhat daunting especially if you haven’t got prior knowledge. Yes, it is a smaller event compared to the actual wedding. However, for a successful bridal shower, there are various details you need to take into account.

The most significant but often a frightening part of it all is the decoration. Thankfully, we’ve given you a clue and easy solution with this article. You now have great ideas to serve as a source of inspiration to get you quickly started.

You can plan your bridal shower decorations around any theme, idea or season of the year. Remember that moderation is the key. Don’t go overboard. You can use one or as many tables as you need. These bridal shower centerpieces ideas will give you a good starting point. We hope your gen enough inspiration from them for your day!