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Bridal Traditions

Free Games for a Bridal Shower

The concept of bridal showers is giving/showering love to a bride-to-be, as well as gifts of items that she would need after her wedding.

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Irish Wedding Traditions

If there’s one thing the Irish love, it’s a party — and, in particular, a wedding party.

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Bridal Traditions

Bridal Shower Favor

The bridal shower is a great way to break the ice among your favorite people ahead of the wedding reception.

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Bridal Traditions

Bridal Shower Cakes

As the impending date for your big day draws closer, things will often start to become increasingly stressful. Have the caterers been paid?


Chinese Wedding Traditions: Unique Marriage Celebrations

Despite the growing modernization of the wedding traditions of China, it can easily be seen that they haven’t left behind their ancient practices and rituals.

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Bridal Traditions

Bridal Shower Gifts

Are you having many ideas for a bridal shower gift or perhaps, no idea at all?

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Top US Wedding Traditions

Although weddings come in various styles nowadays, it is a little bit hard to ignore some of the wedding traditions in US that are still practiced.


Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

If you are thinking of a Hawaiian wedding, either the ceremony on a stunning beach in Hawaii or the thematic one in your local church, you learn a lot about various customs.

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Japanese Wedding Traditions

Traditional Japanese weddings have always been full of beautiful rituals whose purpose was to nurture a happy, harmonious, and loving life for the two people about to join their lives.


Wedding traditions of the world

Wedding tradition in every corner of the world is a reflection of the soul of the local population, the essence of the people of the area. All Nations on our planet have their own identity, unusual rituals and a kind of color. Let's look at the wedding traditions of the peoples of the world and find out how they are interesting to us, and whether we are ready to marry for some unusual exotic ceremony that will connect the hearts of two lovers forever.
People of all Nations of the world are constantly falling in love and getting married. In our country, too, there are their wedding traditions, rooted in ancient times. Each element of the Russian wedding ceremony hides a separate tradition. For example, the Russian people adopted:
  • Block the way for the wedding cortege.
  • Handing out candy to kids before going to the registry office.
  • To buy a bride.
  • To release the pigeons.
Russian bride according to the ancient wedding tradition is given the opportunity to cut the first wedding loaf, showing the formation as the mistress of the house. Mother-in-law after the wedding removes the bride veil, which symbolizes the adoption of a new member of the family. Another ancient Russian wedding custom, which has survived to the present day, is the meeting of young people after marriage registration with bread and salt. According to Russian custom, the couple must bite off the wedding loaf one piece, and who will have a piece more, he, according to legend, will be the main one in the house.
Recently Slavonic peoples had another wedding tradition: to throw a Bridal bouquet to unmarried friends. The girl who caught the wedding bouquet should get married next. A similar ritual exists among men: the groom takes off his wife's garter and throws it to his bachelor friends. Who first catches it, he will meet his soul mate. Mention of this wedding tradition can be found in manuscripts of the XIV century. Then it was believed that any clothing taken from the bride or groom will bring the favor of the opposite sex.
The most fun is still Russian wedding custom bride. Usually engaged in ransom witnesses, but sometimes the groom becomes a party to this event. Buy the girl traditionally money, less champagne, vodka, candy and flowers. Neighbors, acquaintances and invited guests take part in this wedding ritual. Although similar ceremony is held and many other Nations of the world, the Muslims made for the bride to take the bride-price, but in the Russian tradition, the ransom is more fun than a monetary payment for the girl.
Russian wedding ceremonies are more focused on entertainment. Other people in the world wedding traditions is striking in its practicality, in the third place – the minimalist and the romantic. For example, in Australia, wedding preparation begins a year before the appointed date of the celebration. The people of Australia are Catholics, so they do not have a civil registration of marriage. All the couple held a wedding ceremony, after which the feast begins.
Even three months before the date, the future spouses begin to go to the priest, who prepares young people for life together and makes a wedding plan with them. Australians are practical in everything, so wedding gifts are negotiated in advance. The bride and groom make a list of desired gifts in advance, and the guests distribute among themselves who and what will give.
Australians, like other Catholics in the world, have an interesting tradition of making a lot of noise on the way to Church. The roots of this ritual come from ancient times when aboriginal people believed that the noise drives away evil spirits. To create a rumble to this day to the wedding car of many newlyweds in the world tied old cans or other metal objects that can create a rumble.
The ritual of breaking a wedding glass exists in many countries. After leaving the Church young people bring glasses of wine, which they should drink, and then break the glasses. According to many people, if both glasses are broken, the newlyweds will have a happy life. But if any glass remains intact, the marriage will not be successful. There is another explanation for this mysterious ritual: ancient people all over the world believed that the sound of broken glass drives away evil demons from the newlyweds.