Everything Brides Find Important about Bridal Shower Traditions

Bridal Shower Tradition

The chances are that you are already getting excited as the time for your big day approaches and one of the many things that you will want to do is make sure that everything to do with bridal shower tradition is done in just the right way. Bridal shower traditions are, of course, a big part of the build-up to the wedding and every bride wants to take every care to ensure that she is adhering to the accepted rules of bridal etiquette. From things that involve only the bride to respecting the wedding shower traditions themselves, each one has its place.

In the following article, we will take a detailed look at some of these important questions a bride is likely to ask concerning bridal etiquette such as how and when they should be organized. So if you want to ensure that you are getting everything involved in the run-up to your wedding just right, you are sure to find our helpful and informative article useful. There are answers to all questions from where showers can be held to how to host the party and who is lucky enough to be on the guest list. All aspects of the traditional bridal etiquette are here, and everything about bridal showers is revealed.

So What Exactly Is the Bridal Shower Tradition?

In many western cultures, a traditional shower is seen as a way of lavishing attention on the bride in a pre-wedding celebratory way that honors the bride-to-be. The events are also often known as wedding showers and they usually take place during the day and have also gained the less endearing term of a bachelorette party.

Who Does Wedding Shower Traditions State Should Pay for the Event?

Bridal shower etiquette dictates that dependent upon the number of guest that are likely to be attending, the venues for bridal showers could be anywhere including the groom or the bride to be mothers home. In any event, one of these two would most usually be expected to foot the bill and take care of the organization of the bridal shower invitations. In cases where there isn’t likely to be room in the family home or when other reasons make it impractical, those responsible for organizing the event may also be expected to pay the cost involved in sourcing a venue too.

When Do Bridal Shower Traditions Suggest the Event Should Be Held?

The bigger the event, the more crucial your bridal shower organization is going to be because fitting a daytime event around all close friends and family members call for expert timing. One rather obvious point to bear in mind is that the further you can plan ahead, the more likely it will be that your guest will be able to schedule the time into their busy diaries. That said bridal shower tradition allows for anything from as short as two-three weeks before the wedding to the whole three months before the big day itself. On a purely practical note; you shouldn’t even consider announcing wedding showers dates until after your official wedding gift list has been distributed.  

Bridal Shower Traditions and Who You Should Invite

Even within the bounds of modern convention, bridal shower tradition dictates that only ladies are invited to this party. Moreover, another rule says that only those female friends and family members who have been invited have a right to attend the celebration. Thus, the guest list is usually formed in advance, and it is somewhat limited to those people the bride-to-be would be happy to see. Among lucky guests, you may find the bride herself, mothers of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, and the maid of honor. Invitations should be sent out in much the same way as the wedding invites with an RSVP option included.     

What Should You Expect Your Event to Be like If It Follows the Bridal Shower Tradition?

You can choose to spend your bridal shower day sharing something like a relaxing time at a wellness and spa center or having a more interactive time indoors playing games or even following a theme. The key to the whole event is having a fun time and celebrating your upcoming wedding with the important people in your life. Guests would bring some nice shower gifts, which can be either practical, fun, or even intimate items such as some lingerie to put on on the wedding night.

Bridal Shower Traditions for Food, Drink, Gifts, and Men!

Bridal Shower Tradition

Finger food (buffet) and drinks is always a feature of the event and a wise bride is likely to have already sent out gift ideas. In fact, it is traditionally a time to open gifts and honor the bride. That said although it doesn’t follow bridal shower tradition, there has been a recent move towards something that is being termed as “couples showers”. This is where both the bride and groom to be and their friends get together to do much the same thing but in a more male-friendly environment. Believe it or not, wedding shower tradition allows the groom to make an appearance at the event anyway. He should usually appear at the end bearing a bouquet of flowers and hopefully to provide transport home for his betrothed and her pile of gifts.