Bridal Shower Gifts That Everybody Will Find Irresistible

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Are you having many ideas for a bridal shower gift or perhaps, no idea at all? Here is an article that will give you ideas, and help you narrow down to that (or those) special gifts that would make your bride-to-be friend so cheerful throughout her wedding period and even after.

This is a party where the bride’s friends get a chance to give her something nice and useful to express how much they love her. Some of the presents can be used before or after the wedding day, and some of them can make the day itself easier. There are millions of ideas from more common ones to unique and customized gifts that would be really special.

What a Bridal Shower Gift Does to a Bride-To-Be

A bridal shower gift could totally make a day, and sincerely, some gifts can be very annoying, especially when they are being duplicated. And know it or not, that could be a “ticker-offer” for a bride.

Surprising Her with Bridal Shower Gifts

There’s nothing as good as a pleasant surprise for anyone, and in this case, a bride-to-be. Some brides could be really stressed and grumpy at their wedding, or shortly before or after because of the hassles of planning and making sure everything goes smoothly, and everyone is well taken care of. Any glitch in the event may trigger stress, and a bride to be, or the bride could end up quite irritable on her big day or honeymoon.

Sometimes, just remembering the amazing gifts you got is a simple way of helping reduce those feelings of stress. That pleasant surprise gift can make them smile all through the ceremonies.

The Regular Bridal Shower Gift

There are general gifts that people usually bring to a bridal shower, which are all beautiful, although sometimes, you may want to go out of the norm, and go an extra mile to impress your friend and get something different from what she just might be expecting.

How to Identify What Your Bride-To-Be Friend May Need

Even taste buds vary, so it is possible that the best ever idea may not be your friend’s best preference. So, how do you get to know what your friend may prefer out of a hundred brilliant ideas of bridal shower gifts?
- Get to know her personal needs
If she has ever told you something she needed, that should be a clue for you. However, you could subtly ask her for a hint.
- Have an idea of her honeymoon plans
Having a playful conversation about her wedding and honeymoon could give you an idea on a gift to get.
- Find out what she already has and does not
Find out the household items, and other useful items, probably, items for couples…, that she has already, and make a note of it. With this, you may already be able to figure out what she could need that is not on this list. And just in case you cannot think of anything, it may help to find out from her what if she’s going shopping after the wedding, and what she is likely to buy. Quickly make a mental note as you talk, and pick something out of it to buy.
Meanwhile, it would be great to beat her to get that gift, you don’t want to get her something she just bought. You could also share some of these items on the list among other friends of the bride that will be at the bridal shower, and watch your friend, the bride to be, cry with joy and appreciation.

25 Ideas for an Awesome Bridal Shower Gift

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1. Pre-Wedding Treatments

Before the wedding grooming is a nice treat any time, and would not be frowned at, but would make them look and feel so good.

2. Bath and Body Works Spa Treatments Products

Your favorite bride to be would definitely appreciate a good deal of pampering before the wedding to give her that sparkle and shine at the wedding and after.

3. Paid-For Treat at a Spa

A couple’s pre-wedding spa treatment would be a good idea. And if you can afford it, book a treat for them after the wedding as well, to relieve all that stress that comes with planning a wedding.

4. Attractive and Functional Carry-All Totes

The bride will definitely be needing a tote on her honeymoon and other outings around the wedding and after. A pretty tote that will fit many outfit colors and yet functional enough to hold many different things in place is an ideal she will thank you for.

5. Super Pretty and Comfortable Nighties

Did you say “sexy”, too? Why, of course! Nighties for the wedding night and after are irreplaceably special. An old torn PJ’s just won’t do now. This thoughtful bridal shower gift emits care and

6. Sexy Satin Beddings

Talk about an inviting bed, and it feels so good. Your favorite couple would be thanking you long after the wedding for this special gift.

7. Aromatic Oils, Diffusers, and Candles

This is a really good treat for relaxation for the couple before the wedding, during the honeymoon, and way after.

8. Paid-For Dates at Their Favorite Places or Where You Know They’d Love

There is nothing as exciting as having dates to go on as a married couple (after the wedding), it adds and keeps the spark going, especially if it is at your favorite place, an all-expense paid (in case you are broke at that time). Going to see a comedy together is a good date to consider.

9. Paid-For Getaway Trips at Memorable Sites and Hotels

A date can be great, but a get-away trip is a look-forward-to’er! This would do nicely as an after the wedding stress buster. It could even wait until way after the wedding. Trust me, the couple won’t stop thanking you.

10. A Nice Color Suiting Photo Rack

Pieces of home decor make a great present! You may not know the color of their living room, but you can get a photo rack in a color that suits all like white, or ash, or good old black. While photo albums and frames are nice, photo racks give the freedom of displaying many of the wedding shots at once.

11. Tons of Lingerie, She Won’t Get Enough of It

Lingerie, an old classic, works every time. Help your favorite couple have a passion adventure in a little something more than their birthday suits.

12. Recipe Books of Bride and Groom’s Favorite Meals

Starting a new life together may come with many starters. Having a ready handbook to help start a new cooking and trying out new meals adventure is totally something to give a shot.

13. Customized Items with Her Name on It

The bride in most cases changes to a Mrs. And her dealings henceforth bear her new name. It’ll be interesting for the bride to get gifts with her new name on it.

14. A Wedding Planner with Complete Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding can be huge. Sometimes, even when you have a wedding planner, you want to have a checklist. This is where the organizer is useful, helping you keep your event plan well articulated, with extra tips to help you get by. This is actually one of the best bridal shower gifts you can think of.

15. Warm Comfy Bathrobes

Who says comfort isn’t everything? I think you can already imagine what comfort this will give. You just made her life! Kidding, more like her day every day.

16. Couple Dance Classes and Shows

Back to keeping that sensation alive. Some old couples have stories of when they used to cha-cha together, and they probably still do, in their own somewhat slowed down way; you could help your favorite couple start that journey, or at least continue it.

17. Their Favorite Romantic Love Songs

There’s romance in the air, tra la la la la. Make a collection of love song (that they are used to and would really get them “in the mood”), and spice things up for them after the wedding, and watch them beam.

18. Bottles of Honey, Chocolate Molasses, and Edible Body Art

Now, you don’t want to let kids see this, nor couple’s parents. But this is guaranteed to send the couple to the seventh cloud in their passionate adventure (for adult minds only).

19. A Paid-For Photoshoot

It’s fun to take pictures of the happy couple that are worthy of a magazine cover. So give them that treat! A professional photographer will find the best location and capture some romantic moments between partners.

20. Kitted Picnic Baskets

With this, you’re saying to them — get out into the great outdoors, and have some fun! These baskets often come fully equipped so the couple won’t have to look for cutlery or plates. It’s all in there already. All they should do is hold hands and find a nice spot for a picnic.

21. Erotic Books and Movies

Another “for adult minds only” zone. This spicy bridal shower gift is all about keeping their fire alive, and they have so many options to last them a lifetime.

22. Trinkets (Rings) Box

Ladies will always appreciate a nice fancy box to keep their trinkets. Now that an important addition of their wedding ring has been made, they would like a special place to keep it.

23. Household Items (For Those Who Would Want to Be Somewhat Domestic After Marriage)

In case you’re wondering, what about the household items she would need, we’ve got that covered. From a mixer, to a blender, to a coffee maker, to a cutting board, to kitchen towels, to trays, and jugs & mugs, and an endless list of household items, knock yourself out with stocking your favorite bride to be up with these and many more, and even a kitchen makeover, which she will totally love.

Note however that a lot of us show up at weddings with a mug or a coffee maker, and the bride ends up with dozens of one item. So try something unique. And if there is a group of friends planning this party with bridal shower gifts, it’s good if you all agree on not bringing the same thing, which means each person would pick one or two items to buy on the “gifts to get list”.

24. Hiking and Biking Backpack Kits

Another great outdoors treat, for couples who like to indulge in such. Help kit them up nicely. Couples who play tennis would also appreciate tennis kits.

25. Books on Marriage Tips (For Those Who Love to Read, Especially About the New Life She Is Now Entering)

Last but not least, a lot of fun may not solve some problems that arise from miscommunication and like issues. Some books actually help give couples ideas on how to avoid and tackle some marriage issues, without having to see a counselor just yet. These books are rather helpful, and since they are hard copies, they can be revisited anytime.

There is a tendency to give people gifts that we would like, or what we think they would like, and not taking out time to find out what they truly like, want or need.
As much as we need to balance giving the gifts that we can afford, and that they would need, you may want to pay attention to your friend’s (bride-to-be) personality and preferences. Sometimes, narrowing down this way may even help us get an ideal gift without breaking our bank.

Here’s hoping these tips have helped you make a choice of an amazing bridal shower gift that your friend will not be able to resist and would keep thanking you for even after the wedding.