Bridal Shower Food Ideas That Are Deliciously Simple!

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If you’re throwing a bridal shower for your friend or family member, then your single aim should be to make that day the second-best day of her life (second, of course, after her wedding day). You’ll have to deal with the bridal shower food for the guests to be totally happy at this event. Now, don’t stress yourself out thinking too much about this. Because you, as the person in charge of party planning, need to make sure that this whole process is as much fun for you as it is for the bride. Picking a theme, deciding on a location and all that is important. But you wanna know what’s even more important? The food for the bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Food Menu: Taking the Bride’s Taste into Account

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Bridal shower foods need to be thoroughly thought out so that they aren’t too expensive while also making sure that your guests will love them. Try to make the food personalized, instead of putting up a generic bridal shower food menu. Trust me, the bride will love the fact that you got creative with the bridal shower food. Think from the bride’s perspective. What does she love? Maybe she’s very into finger foods. Or maybe she is a fitness nut so something along the lines of fresh fruit and salads would be in order. If there is one particular food that she absolutely craves, then maybe you can get the whole party centered around that food. if she loves cheese more than she loves her fiancé, you could have several types of cheese spread out across the shower food table. Of course, it doesn’t have to be blocks of raw cheddar cheese. You could create baked goodies with their main ingredient being cheese, such as a turkey wrap filled with cream cheese. Of course, if baking is not your thing, feel free to get some store-bought food.

While we’re on the topic of store-bought food, it is important to ensure that you don’t break the bank. Sure, the bride means a lot to you, but since this is a very informal event that is meant to be fun and stress-free for everybody, there is no need for you to go all out. That would be something neither you nor the bride would wish for, so take some simple steps to cut costs while maintaining the quality of the party. You know that when the guests arrive, they will want to have a taste of every single you have on the table. So give them exactly what they want! Your guests aren’t going to be able to eat everything in bulk, so they’ll most likely sample bits of all the different foods. The solution for this is to create small servings of different varieties of food that will ensure your guests don’t get bored. Foods like finger sandwiches and thinly sliced servings of deviled eggs are perfect as bridal shower food ideas.

What’s the Party Type? Choosing Food for a Bridal Shower

Now, there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to have exotic and expensive sounding dishes for bridal showers. In fact, how about going in a completely different direction by throwing a tea party? Of course, this option would be perfect if you have a neat and roomy garden that would be really compatible with an outdoor bridal shower, whether it is a tea party or not. If you were to throw a tea party, then baked goodies are your friend. Have something sweet, have something savory. There should definitely be a considerable selection of tea to select from. It’s up to you to decide.

That being said, a tea party won’t exactly work if the bride isn’t particularly a tea party type of girl. Remember to keep the bride in mind when making any decision regarding the bridal shower. If the bride prefers luncheons as opposed to tea parties, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead with a bridal shower luncheon. This option is especially great since the variety of foods you could bring onto a luncheon is really expensive. A bridal shower luncheon could include salads, side dishes, beverages, desserts, and anything you think is appropriate as bridal shower food. You could throw something healthy into the mix, such as green peas served with cheese, or you could start the party off with a chilled non-alcoholic beverage. Depending on where you hold the bridal shower as well as what the preferences of the guests are, the content of this beverage can change, so keep it simple and light. Speaking about light beverages, something light such as lemon cupcakes would be especially great for munching on while discussing the upcoming wedding. Try not to make it too sugary though, you don’t want your guests losing their appetite!

Remember, having a bridal shower tailor-made to the bride is the best way you can go about it. Anything that can add a personalized touch to this special day is worth it!