Bridal Shower Favor Ideas for Any Theme

The bridal shower is a great way to break the ice among your favorite people ahead of the wedding reception. You want your guests to have something to talk about for when they meet again. Great party favors are among the elements that will make the shower more memorable so take a little time to think about bridal shower favor ideas that your guests will love.

The shower can be a sneak peek into the theme of the wedding. The bridal shower can also be the bride’s chance to choose all the things that she likes but didn’t make the final cut for the wedding. A bridal shower favor that fits the theme will give your guests a reminder of the fun that they had.

Generally, the best shower gift will fall into one of three categories. Either a food-related party favor, a beauty product or a present that they can add to the decor of their home. These types of shower favors are popular because they are universally pleasing. All three types of presents are wonderful to receive and easily customized to the bridal shower theme.

If your wedding shower does not have a particular theme then pick out your favorite treat for your guests to take home. This way, the guests can still recognize the bride’s personality in the bridal shower favor.

Beauty products often have a miniature version which makes for a cute wedding shower favor. This is a particularly good idea if the bride’s friends are already always raving about her beauty looks.

Decorative bridal party favors will last the longest. If the goal is to make the wedding shower memorable then these are the kinds of favors to look for. Give your guests an item that they can place around the house so they will have a subtle reminder of the shower. Think of plants, picture frames, candles and other interior items that create an atmosphere in the house.

When you are brainstorming for ideas, think from the product instead of from the theme. It will take you more time to come up with a product that all your guests will like than to customize the favor. Gift shops and designers have plenty of experience with creating personalized presents but they do not know your guests. It is your job to find a favor that is suitable for all guests. Then, you can leave it to the designer to make sure that the shower favor fits with the theme.

Don’t Blow the Budget on a Bridal Shower Favor

Do not feel pressured to blow your budget on the bridal shower favor. What your bridal shower guests take home should be a small gesture of your appreciation that they came. It is not a bribe to make them come again to the wedding. Choose favors that suit your budget. Spending a little time on the presentation can already make the shower favor a lot more impressive.

On the other hand, if you do have the budget then the bridal shower favors are also worth the splurge. In contrast to party decorations, a bridal shower favor will be used longer than one day. The idea of the favor is that your favorite people will have a lasting memory of the special day that they shared with you. So, you want this item to feel like a treat for your guests.

Having the favors personalized already goes a long way in making them feel special and memorable. If you are on a smaller budget then you do not need a big name brand to give your guests that same feeling. Pick out affordable trinkets that you can customize to fit your bridal shower. This way, your favorite people will still have a unique item to take home that they cannot find in any regular store. Personalized bridal shower party favors are one-of-a-kind, memorable and can be adjusted to fit any budget.

If you have more room in the budget then think of the items that make you feel special. What are some of the beauty brands or home design brands that you love and are worth the bucks? For example, the softest throw blanket you’ve ever felt and snuggle under every night. Or for the nature lovers, a succulent with one-of-a-kind painted pots that line your living room window. Chances are that the guests will love them, too.

Another way to personalize both high-end and affordable wedding shower favors is through the presentation. A pretty box with a thoughtful card is always exciting to open. How elaborate the presentation of the bridal shower favor is is up to your budget. Adding glamour to the presentation of the favor does not need a big additional budget. Arts and crafts shops have plenty of materials for DIY jobs. If you want to save time or don’t consider yourself handy with glitter and ribbons then let a local gift shop do the wrapping for you. They will be more than happy to create an extravagant presentation for the bridal shower favor that will impress your guests.

The Best Choices for Bridal Shower Favor

Food Favors

Food favors are a great idea for a wedding shower party. It can be an actual food like desserts but also food and drink related like personalized bottle openers. Below are ideas of how the bride and groom can be represented in the favor when there isn’t a specific theme. Each of these bridal shower favor ideas can also be tweaked to complement the wedding shower theme.

A chocolatier can help to create chocolate in a specific shape or to put together a favor box of bonbons. You can also pick out a chocolate bar in a seasonal flavor that matches the wedding date. For example, a dark chocolate with cranberries and pecans for a fall wedding or a ginger cookie and white chocolate bar for a winter wedding.

A food wedding favor does not have to be a sweet treat. A special farmer’s cheese wrapped prettily can also be a lovely favor for a wedding shower or wedding with a rustic theme.

Drinks are another alternative. Think of the bride and groom’s favorite wine or perhaps beer from the brewery in their hometown. A special roast of coffee beans will also be well-received by any adult that enjoys this morning pick-me-up.

If you are a foodie but prefer non-food bridal shower gifts for guests then consider wine glasses. You can pick out a unique design or have simple wine glasses personalized with a text. If you don’t want to lean into alcoholic beverages then personalized stemless glasses are a close alternative. Funny quotes and pictures on mugs are also a good idea. One can never have enough mugs.

Beauty Favors

Everyone enjoys spoiling themselves a little and a beauty party favor lets your favorite people do exactly that. Gathering a range of beauty product mini’s is perfect for making your own gift boxes. Include beauty items that everyone uses regularly like a lip balm or a moisturizer. You can also present your bridal shower guests with a larger single product that is related to the wedding. For example, a scented sunscreen for a tropical wedding destination.

Consider the guests that will be attending the bridal shower. Do any of them have any skin sensitivities? Natural beauty products are always better. For example, offer an all-natural sugar scrub instead of a scrub with a long list of difficult to pronounce ingredients. You can even make DIY beauty products as one of the activities during the bridal shower. This way, the guests are actually making their own bridal shower favors.

Make-up products are less suitable for a bridal shower favor. This is because make-up is very specific to each person. Most people will spend years trying to find their favorite makeup products. It is also more difficult to find colors that will suit everyone’s complexion and favorite color palette for make-up. It is better to stick to beauty products that can be part of a skin care routine or products that are only used occasionally like a face mask or bath bomb.

Decorative Favors

Another option for a bridal shower gift is a decorative favor. Interior items that make any space cozier will be loved by your guests. Many of the items below can be used as part of the bridal shower activities, too. Getting creative during a bridal shower party is a sure way to get the guests to bond with each other. You can also be sure that the favors that they have made for themselves fit their personal taste and aesthetic.

A scented candle favor is a classic for bridal showers. Choose scents that match the season of the wedding shower like peonies and strawberries for a summer wedding. Similar to the beauty products, this can be another fun activity to do during the bridal shower. The guests can get creative with colors and shapes when making their candle.

Another fun activity is to decorate picture frames. Set up a table with tools and decorative materials that fit with the concept of the wedding shower. For example, shells and ocean blue glass pieces for a nautical theme or dried flowers and wood beads for a bohemian theme. You can do the same for other favors like vases, jewelry boxes or linen bags.

In conclusion, coming up with ideas for the bridal shower favor should be an expression of the bride’s personality and shower theme. The shower favor is a way to show appreciation to the guests for coming but the day is ultimately about the bride. Customized favors are always more special and will serve as a reminder of your special day. Let it be a favor you would love to receive yourself.