Free Games for a Bridal Shower That Will Suit Any Party

Free Bridal Shower Games

The concept of bridal showers is giving/showering love to a bride-to-be, as well as gifts of items that she would need after her wedding.

Bridal showers can be fun as the girls get to dress up/down, sing and dance to some music and play some free bridal shower games among many other things.

Bridal showers mean different things to different cultural backgrounds. For some, it is an opportunity for all friends and family members of the bride-to-be to support her financially and materially as a way of ushering her into her matrimonial home; while for some, it is that last spinsters’ night out, which can be a memorable one with lots of chuckles and some tears of “oh, I’m really going to miss our spinster outings”. Whatever the case may be, a bachelorette party is a long event that may easily last a couple of hours, and should not be a bore. Spicing up the event with bridal shower games will most certainly make it worth it.

In this article, you will have helpful tips that will make this party a great experience that every guest will remember forever. There are some fun and totally free bridal shower game ideas you should consider.

Printable Bridal Shower Games

Here are 9 easy and fun free bridal shower games that you can print out:

  1.    Who’s that girl? (Who knows the bride best?)

-         All you need for this game is a bunch of personal questions about the bride, her hobbies, and interests. Whoever gives answers to most of the questions, wins a prize. So stakes are high! Everyone will be screaming and laughing in no time.

  1.    Memory Lane (Remember when)

-         Have everyone write down their fondest memory with the bride-to-be, and put them all together. Then let everyone blind-pick one and read it aloud, and guess who wrote that, and go give it to them to sign on, as a way of further interaction between guests.

  1.    Name that description (Wedding Catch Phrase)

-         You could have lots of fun, with everyone picking a unique wedding catchphrase or item, and describing it without mentioning what it is, and let the guests try to guess what this is.

  1.    Bingo

-         Draw a table of blank boxes, and as everybody to draw some contents in these boxes. This must be something they think will be a wedding gift the bride will get at this party. The one who gets all in a row correct wins this game.

  1.    What’s In Your Purse?

-         Give each guest the same list of the possible items that are found in women’s purses or bags, including some unusual things (you never can tell). Tag each of those items with points according to their importance, and let everyone tick on the list what they have in their purses, and add up their scores. The one with the highest score will get a prize.

  1.    Bridal Word Search

-         Make copies of a word search of bridal words, and hand to each guest. The winner is the one who finds all the words first.

  1.    Bridal Emoji Pictionary

-         Hand out a Pictionary list with emoji’s, and let everyone interpret the emoji combinations and write the words or phrases that they represent. The one with the most correct phrases wins the game.

  1.    Disney Love Songs

-         Compile a list of popular love songs that were sung in Disney movies, and another list of the Disney movies in no particular order, and let each person match the love song to the movie, the one with the most correct matches wins.

  1.    Fill in the blank advice

-         Hand out forms for your guests to fill that would contain their names, and some marital advice straight from their heart.

This part could be more touching than just a game.

Make Your Bridal Shower Affordable

Free Bridal Shower Games

If you considered skipping the bridal shower to reduce cost, the good news is that bridal showers don’t have to cost a fortune!

Two tips to having a successful bridal shower without breaking the bank are to:

-         Pick a simple event type and add all these fun and free bridal shower games to it.

-         Involve your friends in organizing the event, and let them handle one or two aspects each if you must spend.

Weddings are special, and so are bridal showers — they turn all that wedding planning tension into so much fun if done right.

Have a fun-filled bridal shower!