15 Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas To Celebrate In Style

Whether it’s for your best friend, your sister or a cousin, throwing a bridal shower is no easy job. From locating the right venue to finding the right bridal shower idea for the big day, there is a myriad of things to do and check-lists to complete.

No doubt, the hardest part is deciding upon the bridal shower theme, especially if the event must be a surprise for the bride-to-be.

Regardless of whether it’s a formal party or an informal gathering, the following 15 bridal shower ideas will undoubtedly inspire you to celebrate in style.

1. Garden Party

A garden party is a classic staple. This one is perfect for formal and informal events alike. Inspired by the bohemian culture, this chic event is meant to impress with its enchanted atmosphere.

Everything is centered around flowers and plants. Peonies and hydrangea bouquets make splendid centerpieces, while ivy gives the perfect green touch.

If the bride doesn’t like peonies or hydrangea, there are dozens of flower arranging ideas to get you inspired. As for the venue, a conservatory will give you the perfect setting for an unforgettable party.

2. Nautical Theme

A nautical theme can easily surprise the bride-to-be. Undoubtedly, the best idea is to throw the party directly on a boat. Weather-wise though, an indoors nautical bridal shower theme could be a better idea in the cold season.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a boat or in a decorated living room. What matters is to create a memorable day for the future bride.

To stay true to the theme, use nautical inspired bridal shower decorations, matching favors, and obviously a nautical inspired cake.

3. Tea Party

A tea party is one of the brightest ideas for bridal showers. From an Alice in Wonderland theme to a classy afternoon tea, you can let your imagination roam and create something amazingly unique for the future bride.

Depending on the season, you can also choose from a wide range of venues. A tea house is an excellent choice in the colder months, while a garden tea party is more appropriate for spring and summer.

As for the colors, all pastel shades work wonders. Whether it’s blush pink, baby blue, gold, pale green, or a combination of these, it will be a success.

4. Inspired by Jack and Jill

Most of these parties are centered around the bride, but you can always include the groom in the equation. A shower for both future spouses is often fun, so why don’t you throw a Jack and Jill party for the happy couple?

Including the groom in the party comes with some advantages. If your budget is tight, you can ask the best man to help with the costs.

Mixed parties are also much more fun when it comes to games and activities. There are plenty of shower game ideas suitable for both men and women guaranteed to spice up the atmosphere.

5. Champagne Brunch

Champagne is the festive drink per excellence, and many bridal shower themes are centered around it. Besides ensuring your guests never run out of bubbles in their glasses, you must also focus on a suitable color palette.

Blush pink and gold can easily complement your champagne brunch party. Pair the beverage with delicious finger foods. Crisp champagne goes well with fatty fish, bruschetta, and seafood.

Dessert doesn’t pair with champagne, but you can still match the cake with sparkling wine. A sweet Moscato d’Asti is a fine example of sparkling dessert wine that will make your event sparkle.

6. Spa Pampering

Spa days are seen as more appropriate for the bachelorette party, but the truth is you can organize a spa pampering bridal shower too.

Indulge yourself a day of complete pre-wedding relax in an all-feminine environment. Pamper the future bride with a beauty treatment and hours in a hot tub. Don’t forget to bring champagne and delicious treats.

As for the venue, traditional bachelorette party decorations are ideal to give a new lease of life and a festive touch to the spa.

7. Chic Winter

One of the most awaited moments for the future bride, the bridal shower is often thrown a few months before the big day. If that’s in late spring, chances are you’ll have to have you bachelorette party in winter.

But don’t let the cold season intimidate you. A chic winter shower can certainly brighten up a snowy day regardless of its theme. And there are plenty of winter themes to choose from.

For instance, you can let the holiday season inspire you. Among the many winter bridal shower decorating ideas, we can also mention winter sports. Snowflakes and fake snow, a cute snowman, and lots of silvery glitters can also liven up a winter themed celebration.

8. Movie-Inspired Bridal Shower

Who wouldn’t love to be a cinema star for a day? And who doesn’t have a favorite movie? Be it Harry Potter or Breakfast at Tiffany; the future bride will certainly love this inspiring idea for a bridal shower.

Setting up a movie-inspired shower comes with logistic advantages too. You won’t have to struggle with finding original bridal shower decoration ideas. The theme movie gives you all the hints regarding colors and decorations.

9. Cooking Class

Whether the future bride is an aspiring chef or just an aspiring housewife, it’s a good idea for all young spouses to know how to cook. Moreover, a cooking class bridal shower will undoubtedly be a fun experience for everyone.

The best part is that you don’t need a special venue to organize a cooking class for a party. Your own kitchen could suffice.

Guests can bring ingredients or suggest recipes for the future bride and her maids, while a big bridal shower welcome sign at the entrance can also announce the commencement of the class.

10. Rose Gold Bridal Shower

Finding the right party theme for a formal event requires a more thoughtful consideration regarding the bridal shower décor, choice of food, and bridal shower favors. There are plenty of classy ideas to choose from, but we really love color themed parties.

A rose gold bridal shower theme is perfect for an elegant event. Think delicate feather decorations, blush pink roses, gold tablecloths, and matching tableware.

Impose a chic dress code in matching tonalities on the invitation, and ask your guests to wrap the gifts in rose or gold gift paper to make sure nothing breaks the color harmony you’re trying to create.

11. Dinner in White

Dinner in White is one of the most popular events worldwide, and one of those perfect ideas for a bridal shower. Suitable for an elegant formal party, the dinner in white can be thrown in the warm or cold season alike.

If the weather and budget permit it, you can set a rooftop dinner to offer your guests an unforgettable view during sunset.

Otherwise, any elegant venue is perfect. Make sure all shower decorations, party favors, and party supplies stay true to them and are all white.

12. Vintage Chic

One of the favorite bridal shower ideas among those with a more thoughtful soul is the vintage chic theme. You can get inspired from literally dozens of bridal shower décor ideas, from shabby chic decorations to bohemian themes.

Vintage chic parties are the best for a garden, conservatory, or greenhouse. Plants and flowers are a must, and you can even require guests to respect a vintage dress code.

Also, don’t forget to get inspired by one of the many ideas for bridal shower favors designed for vintage parties. Brooches and vintage jewelry are not only inspired choices but constitute a nice memory.

13. Travel-Inspired

A splendid idea for a travel-addicted bride is a travel-inspired bridal shower. There is plenty of specific bridal shower decorating ideas to let yourself inspire. From airplanes and world maps to globes and anything else travel related, you can let your imagination roam free to create unique decorations.

Enhance the party with a travel-themed shower game, and if you know what’s the favorite honeymoon destination of the couple, you could even shower the bride with airline tickets or an all-inclusive package, depending on your and your guests’ budget.

14. Chic Dress Code

Another great idea for a more formal event is a chic dress code shower. Perhaps one of the most cost-effective too, since you can stick to a specific color theme once you decide the color of the dress code.

For instance, you could throw a little black dress party, requiring all your guests to wear a black dress. If there are also men involved, ask them to wear black tuxedos.

A color-themed bridal shower decoration kit is all it takes to create an attractive setting that reflects the impositions of your chic dress code party.

15. Tropical Party

If you’re aiming to throw an informal party all attendees will enjoy, go for a tropical theme. You can find inspiration in many versatile ideas, from Hawaiian parties to lost island parties. Pamper your guests with exotic cocktails served in pineapple or coconut halves. Decorate the venue with palm leaves and tropical decorations. Opt for a tropical buffet, and make sure you serve fancy fruit salads as a treat. Whether you’re throwing a tropical party at a pool, spa, or even in the living room, it’s certain you’ll give a fun and unforgettable memory to the future bride.