15 Bizarre Marriage Traditions That You Didn’t Know Existed

 Tradition Marriage

The world is full of superstitions and numerous beliefs. This can also be seen in the marriage or wedding aspect of every culture. Whichever part of the world you might talk about, there is one or more bizarre tradition of marriage, for sure. These can either be related to the bride and groom or the entire wedding party. In other words, these unique wedding rituals or superstitions are things that make a culture stand out from the other. In this particular write-up, we have put together 15 bizarre marriage traditions from around the world. So, try reading them to get some real insights.

1. The Practice of Crying

The first tradition of a wedding that we are going to talk about is the practice of crying. In countries like India and China, the wedding party cries during different parts of the ceremony. For example, in China, the ladies of the groom’s family cry for a month before the actual wedding day. Whereas in India, the female members of the bride’s family cry during seeing her off after the marriage ceremony.

2. First Night Pranks

As for some pre-arranged marriage customs, friends and cousins of the couple prank them on their first night. This usually means there would be a continuous banging on the door and windows of the room, being utilized by the newly married couple. This bizarre tradition of marriage can be experienced in different parts of France. Besides, this old French ritual also has a name which is Charivari.

3. Meeting Before Marriage

Although, a lot of modern people might think of this wedding tradition to be an old custom. However, it is still important for a lot of communities and many Catholic churches. Whether it is America, Italy, Germany of France, it is considered bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before marriage. In some cultures, they are kept away for almost 15 to 30 days before the actual wedding.

4. The Weight of a Bride

This superstition is definitely the most bizarre based on all the above. In general, you would see brides dieting and becoming thinner before their wedding. But in Mauritania, it is the exact opposite of the situation. It is believed that the heavier the bride is, the better it is for good luck. Besides, it is a big ceremony for the girls to put on weight. For this, they usually visit a fat farm a few months ahead of their marriage.

5. Korean Dead Fish Ritual

It might not be the most bizarre after wedding tradition but is definitely a stinky one. In Korea, the groom is beaten with a dead fish on his wedding day. It is believed that hitting the feet of the groom with bamboo sticks, and dead fish will help him get prepared for the first night. Even though there is no sense to this ritual, it is still being followed in most parts of the country.

6. Sacrificing an Animal

In almost every rural part of the world, the wedding ceremonies do not begin without sacrificing an animal. It can be anything from a goat, cow to a bird, depending on the local belief. Animal sacrifice is done as a tribute to the local deities. It is believed that this tradition of marriage wards of evil spirits.

7. Not Using the Toilet

The next superstition that we are going to talk about is definitely one of a kind of. It cannot be seen anywhere else in the world except in Borneo. This is mainly followed by men and women, who belong to the Tidong community. Usually, these couples are restricted from using a toilet for at least three days before their wedding. They are locked together in a room where there is no bathroom whatsoever.

8. Carrying the Bride

In certain parts of the world, especially Asian countries, the bride does not walk into the wedding venue. Instead, she is carried into the venue by her family members. In some cases, the members are her uncles. Whereas, in other, it can even be the bride's brothers. However, this bride’s tradition for the wedding day is still a big one nonetheless.

9. Spitting for Good Luck

This marriage tradition gives you an idea of how different and diverse our world is. For some people, cutting the wedding cake is the highlight before departing with their spouse. Whereas for others, being spitted-on by the father makes for a great gesture. In Maasai traditions, the father of the bride spits on her for prosperity and good luck, before she is allowed to go with her husband.

10. Kissing Party in Sweden

Now, this makes for an interesting wedding tradition or ritual. In Sweden as soon as the bride or groom leaves the room, a kissing party begins. All the male guests present in the venue kiss the bride in absence of the groom. And the girls start kissing the groom when the bride is not around.

11. Human Carpet

In parts of French Polynesia, human beings act as a carpet for the newly wedded couple. Once the ceremony is over all the male relatives of the bride and groom lie down on the floor. It is done so that the couple can walk out of the venue by stepping onto their relatives. Although, it sounds simple but is painful for sure.

12. Breaking Ceramics

This tradition of marriage is regarding German culture. All the guests who are invited to the wedding bring their own porcelain dishes. You might think that these dishes are used for eating out of, however, that is completely wrong. After the wedding is over, these dishes are thrown on the ground, so that, they can break into pieces. Nobody knows what the belief is behind this ritual, yet it is still a crucial wedding custom. More important than the one involving wedding rings.

13. Mother-in-Law on Honeymoon

Nobody wants to even imagine the fact that their mother in law is accompanying them on their honeymoon. But this is exactly the case in Africa. In numerous African tribes, when a man and a woman get married, an elder female member of the family accompanies them on their first night. It is done so that they can be educated about sex.

14. Marrying to a Tree

Marrying a tree might sound like a superstition, but it has definitely worked for many people in India. When a girl or a boy is considered to be Manglik, they are supposed to marry an animal or a tree. This is to reduce the negative effect of their astronomical sign.

15. Breaking the Bell

Every culture has a different marriage tradition for welcoming the bride into the home. Guatemala is also one which has a unique tradition. When the couple is waiting on the threshold, the groom's mother breaks a white ceramic bell over their head. This ceramic bell is filled with grains and flour, which is known to bring prosperity.

You might find some of these believes to be dated, they are yet considered customary wedding traditions. Anything and everything related to the big day of the couple is often given great though. And the given list is only a few basic examples of the same.