Something old, something new, something blue, and something borrowed for the bride

Something old Something new Something Blue

This longstanding wedding tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue has withstood the test of time. Amazing, right! The question though, is whether most of us even know the meaning of the saying let alone its origin. With some benefit of the doubt, of course, we can assume most of us know the meaning. What about the origin? Well, wonder no more!

The original saying of wearing something old, new, blue, and borrowed is actually a line from a poem in Old English that first printed for the public to see in 1883. What most American brides do, however, is they leave the last part of it about adding a silver sixpence to their attire that is a symbol of happiness and prosperity in the marriage.

Something Old Wedding Tradition

In order to be protected from the evil eye, brides used to wear something old during their wedding day. Apparently, there was a common belief that the evil eye wouldn’t let a woman get pregnant. The old item was believed to help in such situations and protect the couple’s chance at being parents. On a more positive note, though, the something old tradition represents the bride’s family, their history, and past as well as continuity.

Something New Wedding Tradition

The wedding day is often perceived as a symbol of great changes in the bride’s life, a new and unknown chapter. Being optimistic about your future, as a married couple, is expected. The tradition of something new on your wedding comes with a lot of expectations — often good — about the future.

Whatever it is that you choose to use on your wedding day, as long as it is new. The choice is really all yours.

Something Borrowed Wedding Tradition

For good luck to the newlyweds, of course, the tradition of something borrowed is incorporated in the wedding. What they choose to borrow has to be from a happily married couple such as friends or relatives. Could be hard nowadays but still, it is worth a short. The belief is that some of the good fortunes from the married couple will get to the newlyweds.

Unsurprisingly, brides used to put on underwear that a friend or a family member would give them — yikes! The practice has changed over time with current brides choosing to honor their loved ones and keeping important and truly valuable pieces for good luck.

Something Blue Wedding Tradition

Something blue in the wedding tradition symbolizes innocence, love, and care. These were considered the most appreciated elements of a happy marriage. Brides back in the day observed this tradition by putting on a blue garter. Time has changed, of course, and brides have found new ways to incorporate something of a blue color in their wedding. The options are numerous: from choosing an unusual pair of blue shoes to having blue accessories and a bouquet. You are spoilt for choice as a bride.

Ways to Spice up the Something Old, Something New, Something Blue Tradition

As much as we want to hold to traditions, as a bride, you are entitled to wanting your day to be extraordinary. This includes spicing up the something old, something new, and something blue tradition to make your wedding the talk of the town.

From personalizing your gown or tux with your initials or the date of your wedding to buying that item you have coveted. Personalize in blue and you’ll have killed two birds with one stone! Borrow that BFF’s or mum’s item you have been admiring and take a sentimental item with you on your big day. And your wedding will be magical.