Bridal Shower Cards and What You Can Write in Them

What to Write in a Bridal Shower Card

Someone you are close to or someone you know is getting married, and you’re invited! The bridal shower is coming up, and you’ve bought and wrapped the gift.  Now you are wondering how on earth people come up with what to write in a bridal shower card. That’s what we are here for! Read on for a bunch of helpful tips and examples. A bridal shower is an extremely important event for the prospective bride. It is her opportunity to shine, soak up all the attention, and enjoy her time with those she holds dearest. It is custom for attendees to purchase gifts for the occasion, and along with the gift comes a card.  We can probably all agree that it can be pretty nerve-wracking thinking of what to message to write down in those things. So, we have taken it upon us to put together a guide to make it all a little easier for you. Bridal showers can take quite a bit of preparation and hard work to put together. Moreover, considering they usually take place just around a month before the big day, the Mrs-to-be is probably close to exhaustion from all the wedding planning and absolutely ridden with nerves about it all. Wouldn’t you be? So, your bridal shower card is your opportunity to bring a little bit of positivity to the table — reassure her that she is embarking on an exciting new journey with the right person, give her a bit of ego boost, maybe make her laugh. She’ll appreciate it.

Bridal Shower Messages

A bridal shower message typically consists of two essential parts. The first is a few sentences to thank the bride for her effort and hospitality. This is a nice way to show that you appreciate all the work and money put into planning everything. The second should aim to congratulate the bride about the upcoming nuptials. Once you’ve completed these required parts, you may want to add a little spark to make the card more unique and personal. One way to make bridal shower card messages more meaningful is by including something personal and specific to your relationship with the bride herself. Perhaps recall the story of when you two went on a trip together or remind her of an inside joke you both share. End your card with a lovely wish for the future, or maybe a piece of sound advice you think she should take with her into married life — maybe something you wish someone told you when you were getting married, or something you have learned through your loved ones. Tip: It is always a good idea to check the details of the invitation when you receive it. Keep in mind that if you are attending a party for both the bride and groom, what you write in a bridal shower card should include thanks and congratulations to the couple, rather than just the bride.

Bridal Shower Wishes

Closing off your message with a warm wish for the future is a great way to leave the bride feeling positive and excited about it all. The finest bridal shower wishes are those that really resonate with the bride-to-be, filling her with optimism and contentment. Below, you will find that we have put together a list of wishes to help you form an idea of what you would like to include in your card.


  • When the going gets tough, you know who to call. Good luck!
  • I am so excited for you, and I am honored to be a part of the celebrations on your big day. Just so you know, if you ever need to buy a one- way ticket to escape to the other side of the world…I’m your girl (don’t tell Dan!) We can even dye your hair and change your name. Lots of love!
  • You are the most compassionate and incredible person that I know, and if Matt can’t (or won’t) see that, let this be a reminder that I know karate. Best of luck to you two lovebirds (but mostly to him)!
  • Just a couple more weeks until you sign your life away. You sure about this? Just kidding – I’m rooting for you guys. Congratulations!
  • I was going to get all mushy and emotional, but you and I both know I look hideous when I cry. Plus, this makeup took ages to put on. So, we’ll keep it short and sweet. Congratulations, babe! I wish you all the delight world has to offer.
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying. Okay, I’m crying. You’re the world’s greatest girl, Adam better know that!
  • Congratulation on condemning yourselves to a lifetime of sharing your food.


  • Some people spend their whole lives unable to find what the pair of you have found in one another. I hope you have the most awesome wedding, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and health.
  • I am so honored and grateful to be a part of this exciting new chapter in your life. Congratulations to you both.
  • I can honestly say you make the perfect couple. Congratulations on finding each other, and just remember that no matter what life may throw at you, don’t let go.
  • When I look at you guys, I see two people filled with love for one other and the life they share together. I have no doubt that you will make a great husband and wife.
  • I still remember what you two were like when you first met, and I never had a doubt that you would end up tying the knot. I hope you have a great and happy marriage!

To Your Daughter   

  • Every mother dreams of her daughter’s wedding day. All I can hope for is that you are happy, safe, and cherished in your marriage with John.
  • I couldn’t have asked for a more intelligent, strong, and beautiful daughter. I wish you and Jake all the happiness you deserve.
  • There is nothing more fulfilling for a parent than seeing their daughter marrying someone who makes her as happy as Harry makes you. I am so proud of you both!
  • I wish I could tell you that marriage will be a breeze, but I wouldn’t be a good mother if I did. Marriage is hard work, and you will have bad days. Sometimes, you may even have bad weeks. Those are the times when you need each other’s love and support the most. Take care of each other. All my love to you both.

To Your Sister

  • I can’t believe my baby sister has grown up and is about to get married! It feels like only yesterday that I would change your diapers and babysit you when mom and dad were away. Congratulations, sis! He is so lucky to have you — we all are.
  • There was a time when I couldn’t imagine anyone who would deserve you. Then, you met Joe. I’m so excited for you both.
  • I have no doubt that you two will have a wonderful marriage. Just remember that no matter what, you always have a sister to rely on. I’m a phone call away. I love you!
  • I know I’m the little sister, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of you. I will always be here to support you! I wish you both all the best.

Bridal Shower Message Example

We thought it would be helpful to tie it all together and provide you with an example of a bridal shower card that you could use as a template if you wish. Dearest Joan, First of all, I cannot thank you enough for having me. I am incredibly honored to be included in all these wonderful events and celebrations. You did it! You found true love. Therefore, I believe I must offer my sincerest congratulations.  I have no doubt in my mind that you will make the most beautiful bride. Mike won’t know what hit him when he sees you walking down that aisle! Remember that time we had a little bit too much wine and sat up all night talking about what we wanted our weddings to be like when we finally found the one? It is just so incredible that all these years later, here we are. You’re getting married! I don’t know much about what married life is like, but I did read a bit of advice once that really stuck with me: when you fight, no matter how bad it is, no matter how upset you are with each other, never go to sleep angry. Hit pause, say “I love you”, Kiss each other good night, and sleep in each other’s arms. I wish you both a lifetime of adventure, love, and happiness. With all my love, Lucy We all deeply care about our friends and family members, and its only natural to want to give them the most meaningful gift or write the perfect bridal shower card, especially on an occasion as important as marriage. Just remember, that the most wonderful words anyone can hear (or in this case, read) are those written from the heart; you don’t have to be Shakespeare to be sincere.