Wedding Crasher Strain In-Depth Review

The Wedding Crasher strain has undoubtedly made an unexpected entrance into the global cannabis party. Created by Symbiotic Genetics, this indica dominant hybrid owes its existence to the special blend of the genetics of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake seeds. Despite its strong indica heritage, this bad boy has shockingly sativa-lite effects along with a high THC content and super sweet aromatics. Users who enjoy this strain often claim it’s an excellent mood booster perfect for social gatherings.

Wedding Crasher Strain

By this point, you might be wondering whether this guy truly is the life of the party. Is the strain a heavenly hybrid…or a match made in hell? Keep reading to find out whether this Wedding Crasher is someone you’d want to “hookah up” with.

The Wedding Crasher Strain Genetic Heritage

As mentioned in the intro, this variety is the product of two indica-dominant hybrids: berry sweet Purple Punch and velvety vanilla Wedding Cake. Considering this genetic profile, it makes sense Wedding Crasher is technically an indica-heavy hybrid. In reality, however, the indica-to-sativa ratio is almost negligible—usually around 60 indica to 40 sativa.

Both Wedding Cake and Purple Punch have links with some pretty heavy hitters in the history of marijuana. For starters, Wedding Cake is descended from the earthy Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC). Originating on the West Coast, GSC remains one of California’s most decorated strains with many Cannabis Cups to its name. Plus, thanks to GSC’s genetics, Wedding Crasher is distantly related to equally legendary strains like OG Kush and Durban Poison.

Purple Punch, on the other hand, is a combo of the relaxing Granddaddy Purple and the citrusy Larry OG. This inclusion of Larry OG gives Wedding Crasher an even greater tie to good old OG Kush, which might account for Wedding Crasher’s subtle diesel and musky aromatics. 

By the way, anyone who jives with this strain’s genotype will most likely enjoy Symbiotic Genetics’ other unique strains. Thus far, the most influential strains in this company’s portfolio have a strong Purple Punch presence. Look into names like Mimosa, Banana Punch, and Kobe for more info.

Wedding Crasher Strain Appearance

Most Wedding Crasher phenotypes have a moderate icing of trichomes, so get ready for some sticky fingers when handling these buds. Sure, this strain is nowhere near as loaded as White Widow…but why were you expecting a widow to show at this wedding?

Kidding aside, this phenotype’s buds are predominately dark green with only a few orange pistils. While it’s possible to get buds with smatterings of purple, they aren’t all that common. 

Wedding Crasher’s Aroma & Flavor

wedding crasher strain review

When you smell this weed for the first time, expect to get a punch of grape. Yes, the Purple Punch phenotype always takes center stage in Wedding Crasher’s aromatics and flavor. When you smoke this weed, expect strong notes of tangy juice, citrus, and sweet berry.

While the grape smell is most pronounced, the Wedding Cake genetics provide subtle vanilla flavors in the background. These notes certainly help mellow out the bold berry aftertaste and distinguish Wedding Crasher from its parents.

Those who pick up high-quality Wedding Crasher might also smell hints of diesel, skunk, and even a bit of spice. Remember, the strain shares a connection with OG Kush, which is typically associated with these nuanced flavors. 

Wedding Crasher’s Typical Effects

One of Wedding Crasher’s most intriguing features is its invigorating head-rush high. Somehow this guy was able to break free from its parents’ sedative shackles and offer users a stimulating sativa experience.

Don’t get us wrong; this variety isn’t in the same league as heavy sativas like Super Lemon Haze or Green Crack. The strong indica component of Wedding Crasher certainly helps reign in the strain’s energy boost. That being said, most people say its predominant effects are on the sativa side. This makes the strain perfect for daytime use anytime you want a little extra extraversion. 

With an average THC around 20 percent, you don’t need much of this stuff to feel ready to take on the world. Even experienced users report strong stimulating effects after a few strong hits.

Is Wedding Crasher Easy to Grow?

Is Wedding Crasher Easy to Grow

Since this is a relatively new hybrid, there isn’t a ton of growing info about all available phenotypes available just yet. Most people who plant Wedding Crasher seeds report that it is very forgiving, relatively high yielding and fairly easy to grow.

The presence of strong indica genetics translates to a shorter plant with a fast growth period. Expect moderate yields once your bush reaches maturity after 9 – 10 weeks.

Does Wedding Crasher Have Medical Potential?

This variety is often used recreationally to provide users with a discernable, but not overwhelming, energy boost. That doesn’t mean, of course, this strain can’t be used for legitimate medical purposes.

Given its name, it’s no surprise this strain helps users feel a bit more outgoing and sociable. So, anyone who suffers from social anxiety will probably garner great results using this strain in party settings. 

Its energy-boosting effects could also help people with fatigue-related syndromes. This could include conditions like fibromyalgia, depression, and prolonged stress. This marijuana could even help patients struggling with conditions like PTSD and ADD.

Anecdotally, many users claim Wedding Crasher is a remarkable appetite stimulant. This suggests the strain could play a significant role in the treatment of eating disorders like anorexia. The strain might also work as an adjunct therapy to help chemotherapy patients deal with nausea-related symptoms.

Does Wedding Crasher Have Side Effects?

Unlike stronger sativa dominant strains, this strain usually provides users with a non-overwhelming energetic high. Even inexperienced users rarely report feeling paranoia after trying this strain. As long as users know their tolerance level, this bud probably won’t induce serious mood swings. Of course, approach Wedding Crasher with caution if you have a history of panic attacks or manic episodes.

Folks who use this bud most often complain about side effects like cottonmouth, dry eyes, and a serious case of the munchies. To help mitigate these side effects, be sure you have a bottle of water and some snacks on hand. You could also use a few re-wetting eye drops to soothe your peepers.

Who Would Most Enjoy Wedding Crasher?

People who are looking for well-balanced energy during the day will most likely enjoy the Wedding Crasher strain. Thanks to its almost 50:50 indica-to-sativa ratio, this marijuana provides a natural pick-me-up without overwhelming the user. Patients struggling with chronic worry, depression, and fatigue might also enjoy these mild stimulating effects. 

On the flip side, folks looking to crash after a hard day’s night shouldn’t use the Wedding Crasher strain. Although it has those delicious vanilla flavors, this pot isn’t the best after-dinner dessert. Insomnia sufferers will have better luck getting to bed using either Wedding Cake or Purple Punch. 

While We’re on the Subject — Ever Thought of a Marijuana Wedding?

With all this talk of crashers and cakes, it’s worth drawing your attention to the growing popularity of weed weddings. That’s right, forget about that bouquet of roses; people are now walking down the aisle with a bunch of buds.

As cannabis culture becomes more widely accepted, many weed-loving lovers have decided to eschew the more traditional booze and indulge in cannabis-infused goodies. From vapes, bongs, joints, and edibles, the range of offerings at a marijuana wedding is endless.

To meet the increasing demand for weed-themed weddings, there’s even a Cannabis Wedding Expo that tours the USA. Whether cannaseur couples want a subdued smoke sesh or a great ganja festival, there are vendors out there who can supply everything you need.

“Weed-ing” experts highly suggest couples book a professional budtender to get the full experience. Also, lovebirds need to look up their state laws before planning their weed wedding just to ensure everything is on the up and up.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to provide plenty of real wedding cake alongside Wedding Cake prerolls…you know, for the munchies. 

Is Wedding Crasher Worth It?

By now, you have a firm grasp on what the Wedding Crasher strain is all about. In a nutshell, this new hybrid is ideal for folks who want an energy boost and enjoy sweet fruit mixed with vanilla. 

Those who are looking for a daytime strain with very low risk of paranoia are also perfect candidates for this type of cannabis. Even those who struggled with serious sativas in the past should do fine with this one. There’s enough indica in the Wedding Crasher strain to keep your mind clear while you’re experiencing a delightful head buzz.

For more detailed info on Wedding Crasher, it’s a good idea to check out Symbiotic Genetics’ official Instagram account. Here you’ll find the latest news on all the strains being developed at this innovative company.