Cannabis Diversity for Your Wedding

Since marijuana is already legalized in some cities and states, more and more brides and grooms are willing to organize themed wedding where they and their guests could try weed in various ways and have a lot of fun. Nowadays you can find not only pot brownies but also many different gourmet edibles and even cocktails. Also, there are knowledgeable budtenders who are able to help you find the most appropriate strains for your wedding day and help you with the organization.

marijuana wedding

Find a Pro Budtender

If you want to make everything properly you better hire an experienced budtender who will be able to provide you and your guests with a lavish wedding party. Good budtenders (just like bartenders) do double duty: they can moderate servings and answer guests’ questions. This is important, especially if you invited some inexperienced marijuana users. Budtenders understand how cannabis affects people, and so they keep everybody informed and make sure that nobody is under the risk of overconsumption. Also, if you invited someone who is under 21, don’t forget to tell your budtender to check IDs if needed.

Offer a Wide Range of Choice

Consult your budtender on the strains you want to choose for the wedding. It would be better if you select strains with different effects so that your guests will have a good choice. You can pick Durban Poison, Blue Dream or Wedding Crasher Strain to diversify the menu. Also, you can print little brochures or cards where you’ll have all the necessary information about strains served at your wedding, by doing that you’ll definitely help guests to find a strain they prefer the most. Moreover, remember that there is more than one way to smoke weed. Place some bongs on tables, pre-roll joints or put chosen nuggets in some jars so that anyone who prefers to roll his or her own joints could do this.

Place a Smoking Area

Even if most of your wedding guests are willing to smoke weed, don’t forget about those who aren’t ready to do it for some reason. In order to let everyone feel comfortable, set up a designated smoking area. This can be especially important if there are people who are sensitive to smoke or kids at your wedding. Remember to make this lounge decorated and cozy place with comfy seating, non-alcoholic drinks, and non-infused treats for guests to enjoy their time there; but organize this zone in a way that it won’t take people away from the rest of your celebration.

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Think About Special Signature Drinks

There’s one more way to feel the effects of cannabis except smoking. You can ask the wedding budtender to prepare various canna-cocktails. These cocktails don’t contain alcohol instead of it they include single servings of THC and/or CBD mixed with juices and nice garnishes which makes them special and exceptionally original. Canna-cocktails are often considered to be better than marijuana edibles because consumers usually begin to feel effects in only 30 min. and are high for 30-60 min., comparing to edibles that can take up to 2 hours to kick in.

Consider Cannabis Decoration

You can think of a million ways to decorate your wedding venue but since you decided to organize a marijuana wedding take into account some details made with cannabis. Hire a professional florist and tell him or her about your plans or ask about creative ideas. Probably, you could ask a florist to make a beautiful bridal bouquet using marijuana leaves and flowers. Besides that, your florist could create a beautiful cannabis flower wedding arch that would become an amazing centerpiece for the ceremony. Also, think about table arrangements and the way tables are served. Maybe you’d like to see some carvings in the shape of a marijuana leaf or your wedding cake made with original cannabis ornament. 

Keep on Inspired Planning

Even after having read the marijuana wedding ideas above, you may still have your own inspired plans. So be creative and inventive, and celebrate your wedding in the best way possible!

marijuana themed wedding