Top Us Wedding Traditions You Should Know Before a Party

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Although weddings come in various styles nowadays, it is a little bit hard to ignore some of the wedding traditions in US that are still practiced. So, here they are:

1. The White Wedding Dress

A white wedding dress symbolizes purity. This applies to the trendy ivory dresses too. Surprisingly enough, white wedding dresses became trendy a little over a hundred years ago. For this, we thank Queen Victoria for choosing the color for her wedding to Prince Albert. It is surprising because back then, white was worn only once and was a symbol of one’s opulence. Nowadays, the tables have turned and brides trod along in white or ivory color — even when getting married more than once!


Still on wedding dresses, the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress before the big day. The bride is also not allowed to see herself in the mirror — when in her wedding dress — before the wedding. It is believed that if any of this happens, the wedding will not happen. Call it superstitious but some people still follow these US wedding traditions.

2. The Wedding Party

Run into a Maid of Honor today and you will not have enough of the headache that is planning a bridal shower. Luckily for them, this is not like the olden days. The traditional role of a MoH was making all the décor for the wedding- well almost all. Still, that is a huge role considering that as the MoH you have to do it all alone!

The bridesmaid’s dressed the same as the bride to confuse her enemies. From jealous lovers and admirers to evil spirits. Although the roles have changed over time, it is hard to see a wedding with no bridesmaids. They will not be in a white wedding dress, of course, but their dresses will most likely match. Nowadays, some have different designed dresses in the same color while others are in different colors. It is all about spicing it up a little and keeping your girlfriend focused for her big day!

The Best Man was not spared either, thanks to runaway bride cases and disapproving relatives. In case the bride’s family disapproved of the marriage, the groom needed a backup man to help kidnap the future wife. This was not all though. The Best Man was still needed to stand behind the groom through the vows and their wedding night. In case anyone wanted to interrupt or the bride grew cold feet, the Best Man was there to deal with it.

The tradition carries on still, with the grooms Best Man being the right-wing man. He helps the groom in picking that perfect tux, planning a bachelor party, and leading the rest of the groomsmen. We are, of course, not forgetting standing right behind the groom while he says his vows and holding onto the ring until this moment.

3. Giving Away the Bride

Traditionally, a woman belonged to her father until the day she was married. Hence, the father walked his daughter down the aisle to hand her over to the husband, who would be her owner henceforth. It is a tradition that still persists. However, it now shows that the father of the bride blesses the couple and wishes them well in their marriage.

4. The Wedding Cake

If you though that the wedding cakes was just there as a dessert then, sorry. There is much more tradition behind it that just enticing people. For starters, when the couple cuts the wedding cake together and feed each other small bites, this is their first act as husband and wife. The cake too, is chosen for its sweetness, as a symbol of the couple’s love and caring ways. Traditionally, it used to be white as sign on purity. Currently, the ingredients, texture, colors, and designs have changed.

5. The Garter and Bouquets

First comes the bouquet, for the bridesmaid that is lucky enough to catch it will be the next bride. So, in case you are hoping to be the next bride please do make your way to the center and catch that bouquet. This is a tradition that is never going way, from the look of things. Next comes the garter, because groomsmen, too, need not be left behind in catching things at the reception. The lucky man, or unlucky one, that gets the garter, is believed to be the next groom in line.

6. The Rice Throwing

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To bless the couple and wish them a prosperous marriage, fortune and, of course, fertility stuff like grains were sprinkled on them. As times changed, rice took the place of all these grains and carried the tradition to this day. However, do not be surprised to see people using rose petals, confetti, and bubbles among other things. All this are in good old faith of sprinkling the bride and groom with all the good luck in their marriage.

7. Of Leftover Cake

With the hope of having children right after the wedding, cake was never thrown away. Although the idea of getting a cake for the baby when it finally arrives has been embraced, people still have some cake leftover.

8. The 3 Main Dances

The first dance is usually reserved for the bride and the groom. The second dance is between the bride and her father, and lastly the groom and his mother.

9. The Toasts

Out of all wedding traditions in the US, this can be the most artistic one. The best man starts by toasting to the bride, and the maid of honor toasts the groom. The father of the bride toasts the newlyweds, he is then followed by other relatives and friends. The couple closes it off by toasting their family and guests.