Fascinating Wedding Traditions from Italy: Uniting People in Love

Italian Wedding Traditions

One thing, which often comes to mind, when people talk about Italy, is pizza! We shall always be obliged to Italians for giving us one of the best cuisines of the world. While many people wish to get married in Italy because of the romantic aura which exists there, very few are actually aware of the Italian wedding traditions.

The Italian weddings are actually quite fascinating as they differ from one part of the country to another. Italian couples get a taste of all the traditions, which their ancestors left for them. Italy is one of the hot-favorite spots for destination weddings so it is quite common to find foreigners getting married here.

Italian Wedding Traditions — Glamorize Your Marriage

Do you know the best part about the Italian weddings traditions? You don’t really need to worry about the increasing wedding expenses. You can often see a bride carrying a bag where the guests put envelopes with cash. The name of this tradition is “buste”, and it lets the couple rejoice the ceremonies without thinking too much about the budget.

“Yes, I will!”

People all around the world have been using engagement rings since the Medieval Ages. Now they are probably among the most common wedding customs worldwide. Simply, the man proposes the girl with a diamond ring which symbolizes their eternal love and becomes their promise of a happy marriage. This is an indication of the start of the wedding preparations.

Hen and Bachelorette Parties

Such parties do not have any ground in the Italian traditions, and they first started in America at the end of the previous century. They have become a norm in Italy where a nice, cozy dinner can be enjoyed with close friends. The future newlyweds hang out with friends, and this parties usually take place several weeks before the wedding day.

La Serenata

Among all Italian wedding traditions and customs, this is probably the cutest as the groom arranges a serenade under the bride’s window exactly a night before the wedding. It is kept a secret from the bride who is supposed to wear green color on this night to bring good luck. The groom hires a few musicians and sings with them to help the girl of his dreams to wake up with a smile. This festive moment is celebrated with good music and a lot of delicious food.

The Dress Code

On the big day, the bride usually wears the classical white wedding dress just like the old Italian wedding traditions prescribe her to. All female guests should choose another color for their outfits. The bride does not need a lot of accessories — a wedding band is more than enough. According to this tradition, sparkling things and metals can attract evil spirits and bring bad luck. It is quite intriguing as the bride’s wearing something new, old, borrowed, and even blue. She is also supposed to adorn one of the gifts which are brought to her.

Bride’s Bouquet

According to the Italian wedding tradition, the groom is the one, who delivers the bouquet to the bride’s house. It is the last gift she receives from him, when they are still unmarried. The bride has the right to choose the flower arrangement as per her will but the bill is definitely going to the groom.

Saying the Vows

The Italian wedding ceremony traditions emphasize a smaller sized bridal party; thus, there are only witnesses to the marriage present: a maid of honor and best man. People can easily tell if there’s a wedding ceremony going on in the church — people tie a ribbon that does not allow new guests to enter. That is why there’s a saying about two souls ‘tying the knot’. Some more details can bring good luck to the newlyweds: the groom should put some iron token in his pocket, and the bride should rip her veil a little bit.

As the couple comes leaves the church, people throw rice at them to symbolize fertility and prosperity. In some parts of the country, the bride and groom participate in another curious activity — they cut a log in half. This is a depiction of the couple’s partnership in their marital life.

The Celebrations

Italian Wedding Traditions

According to the wedding planning, the reception takes place on the same day as the ceremony. The guests are supposed to arrive at the venue in the same dresses and must be present before the bride and groom. After getting the photos done, the couple arrives at the reception.

They go from one table to another, chatting with the guests so that they feel welcomed. Just like in any Western wedding, it is typical for the bride to throw the bridal bouquet to the single ladies at the end of the party. In the Northern part of the country, closer to the end of the celebration the best man takes the groom’s tie, cut it in tiny pieces, and sells them to the guests.

La Giarrettiera

The oldest among all wedding traditions in Italy is probably the one about the bride wearing a garter on the wedding day. It originally started in the 14th century, and it is especially common in the Southern part of the country. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the groom takes off the garter and throws it to the male guests. The right shoe is thrown if the bride is not wearing any garter.

Bomboniere and Confetti

Around the world, people throw colorful paper confetti on the couple. In Italian wedding traditions, confetti is actually almonds coated in sugar. They are given in odd numbers to the guests as a token of appreciation for being a part of the wedding celebrations.